About The Cupping Clinic

Which other treatments do you offer?

We offer dry cupping, deep tissue massage, dorn therapy, aroma touch technique and spinal alignment treatments.

What times are you open?

The Cupping Clinic are open between 10am-6pm everyday apart from Wednesdays.

General Cupping Questions

Why is cupping good for me?

Cupping can rejuvenate the body and encourage the healing process itself by jump starting a weak immune system. Cupping can also remove harmful toxins and promote healthy fresh blood circulation. Other treatment methods often have side effects or are simply ineffective on certain individuals. Cupping offers an effective and non-invasive treatment option for patients suffering with pain and other conditions too.

How is cupping done?

Cupping works by effectively removing toxins and stagnated blood from your body. This in effect encourages better circulation and blood flow and also engages the immune system. It also promotes the release of hormones such as serotonin and endorphin’s while also stimulating the adrenal gland. There are many benefits of cupping and research is being carried out every day to study this ancient and highly effective healing method in more detail.

Does cupping work?

Yes. Many of our patients have seen remarkable improvements when it comes to everyday health conditions and many athletes have also made cupping a regular part of their recovery and training programme.

Does cupping hurt?

The blades used are much finer than usual. Other than a pin prick sensation Cupping is designed to be pain free. Many patients feel highly energised after a cupping session.

How long will a treatment session take?

Usually from consultation to treatment, a cupping session usually takes around one hour. During this time we work with you to understand your overall health and what you want to achieve. We also measure your blood pressure and weight and make sure that you are fully aware and comfortable of the entire process.

I am female, can I be seen by a female practitioner?

Yes. We ensure that at all times you are comfortable with your experience at the Cupping Clinic. Female patients are seen by female practitioners and male patients are seen by male practitioners.