Explaining Cupping And Its Benefits

Here at The Cupping Clinic we practice the ancient, holistic art of Hijama, otherwise known as cupping. In practice cupping can sound a little scary as it requires the burning of air in glass cups, which are then stuck to the skin thanks to the vacuum effect this process creates. The aim is to encourage blood through and improve the wellness of patients and, when applied by certified practitioners, cupping is painless to the point where some find it to be a fairly pleasurable experience.
There are also a number of ways that you can benefit from the cupping techniques that our team has spent several years mastering, including the following.

Promoting The Flow Of Energy
Hijama has been used for many years to promote the flow of energy through the blood stream, allowing for toxins to be detected in the process. In scientific terms, the cupping process stimulates capillaries, which is where the red marks that are so closely associated with the technique come from, thus boosting the circulation and allowing for the flow of blood to the cupped areas.

Decreased Fatigue
Increased circulation also means that more oxygen travels around the body, which strengthens muscles and ensures they have everything they need to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time. This is why so many Olympic athletes, Michael Phelps bring amongst the most prominent, have taken to using the technique. Getting more oxygen to the muscles also means they get repaired faster, so cupping can be used to help speed up the recovery process following minor injuries or to relieve aches and pains after a heavy workout.

Boosting The Immune System
Again, this comes down to the circulatory benefits that cupping provides. By increasing the flow of blood to various areas of the body, cupping ensures that the immune system is bolstered by all of the white blood cells it needs to combat various ailments, such as colds and the flu. While it is not a cure for such conditions, it does act to bolster your defences so the effects of the illness are less pronounced and your recovery time is improved.

Cupping has also been used for many years to sedate the nervous system, which basically means that it is ideal for those who suffer from hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure. Hypertension has been linked to a variety of issues, predominantly heart ailments, and many spend their lives trying to lower their blood pressure to avoid the various complications that are associated with the issue.

Relieving Muscular Pain
A number of Olympians were quoted during the 2016 games as saying that cupping helped them to alleviate the pain that was caused through constant training and competing. In many ways, the technique offers similar benefits to massage, especially as both are focused on soothing muscles and ensuring adequate blood flow. As such, it is an ideal choice for those suffering from muscular pain.

The Final Word
To find out more about the many benefits of cupping or to book an appointment so you can try it yourself, contact the team at The Cupping Clinic today.

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