Men visit their GP’s almost by half the amount that women do. Various factors can affect male health specifically. A few key male health issues are enlarged prostate that could lead to trouble urinating and could be a sign of prostate disease and even prostate cancer, unusual lumps or growths on the testicles, and even more personal health issues such as impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED). These conditions if left untreated can also cause depression. Kidney stones is also something men are more likely to suffer from.


  • To improve overall mental and physical health, a healthy diet and exercise can have a significant improvement
  • For various conditions such as ED medication such as Viagra can be taken, this comes with its own side effects
  • In some serious cases such as prostate or testicular cancer, surgery is the only option if medication does not work
  • Depression can be treated with some self-help techniques, but in most cases strong medication is usually prescribed
  • For kidney stones the treatments can be invasive such as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy


  • Cupping promotes healthier blood flow which in turn increases energy levels
  • For personal male issues such as ED, cupping points along the body can help promote increased sexual energy
  • Cupping is known to help with depression by inducing natural sleep patterns and increasing energy levels
  • Improves the immune system
  • Removal of toxins that would otherwise cause health issues
  • Cupping can help normalise hormone levels