Gym Enthusiasts

You don’t have to be suffering from a health issue to seek out our cupping treatments. Having cupping done regularly even if you’re not suffering from health issues is a good way to stay healthy. If you’re an athlete or gym enthusiast having cupping done regularly as part of your training and fitness regimen will give you the edge you need to be at the top of your game. It will remove toxins that are created when you train, relieve any muscle tension and aid in the healing and recovery process of your body so that you can carry on doing what you love. Below are a few known issues that athletes and gym enthusiasts face which cupping can help with.

Common issues faced when training

  • Micro tears appear on the muscles that can affect the muscle recovering
  • Strenuous training can also cause inflammation
  • Training regularly can also cause stiffness in the muscles and joints
  • Training can be known to cause musculoskeletal injures and spasms
  • Strenuous training allows the body to build up a large amount of toxins, such as calcium, cholesterol, uric and lactic acid
  • Taking protein supplements often leads to a build-up of iron content in the body, (many athletes have a diet which involves foods which have a naturally high iron content such as lean meats, spinach and broccoli) which can have an impact on the body if there is too much iron.


  • Cupping helps remove the toxins that build up during strenuous training which can cause cramps and soreness
  • Cupping can help with the healing process and allow quicker recovery times
  • Cupping can reduce inflammation
  • Cupping can help reduce pain that athletes feel from regular and vigorous training
  • Cupping can help reduce the excess iron content in the blood
  • Cupping is not invasive and does not affect the training schedule of an athlete
  • Cupping can help treat injuries sustained during training