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Clinical Study published in the Pakistan Medical Journal of Public Sciences

The Pakistan Medical Journal of public sciences published a study in 2013 to see what effects wet cupping (Hijama) has on respiratory illness and how it effects smokers who often suffer from respiratory illnesses

The trial was carried out across two controlled groups and the conclusion was that wet cupping does indeed increase Oxygen saturation levels, which in turn helps reduce symptoms and conditions of respiratory illnesses.



Clinical Study published in the Switzerland Research Park Journal

A clinical study carried out in 2013 and published in the Switzerland Research Park Journal shows how cupping can help in the treatment of Type Two Diabetes. The study concluded that Type Two Diabetes can be manged through cupping, as long as cupping is utilised regularly. The link to the full study can be found here.

The Effect of Hijama Cupping on Oxidative Stress Indexes and various Blood Factors in Patients Suffering from Diabetes Type II

Why Cupping is Used by Athletes and Sports Personalities

In recent times especially during the Rio Olympics of 2016 many athletes such as Michael Phelps were covered in round circular ‘bruising marks’. These marks were due to the effects of cupping therapy. Cupping has been around for over one thousand years and has been proven to have many health benefits and is often a viable alternative treatment condition for numerous conditions.

Cupping has been brought into the main stream thanks to athletes such as Michael Phelps and Alex Naddour who took part in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. They utilised cupping as part of their training to ease over-exertion of their muscles due to their training and to help in recovery times. Sports personalities such as Amir Khan and Floyd Mayweather have also used cupping as part of their recovery and training.

There are a few sceptics when it comes to cupping, believing it to be more of a placebo than an actual medical treatment. But every day there are more and more studies being carried out worldwide to prove the effectiveness of cupping and everyday cupping gains more credibility as it’s backed up by hard medical facts that you can find on this page.

Please follow the credible links below to find out more about cupping and what athletes and celebrities think of this alternative medical treatment.

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Celebrity Endorsements of Cupping and Cupping as a Beauty Treatment

Cupping has not been confined to the sporting world alone, various celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, and Gwyneth Paltrow have been seen to have used this ancient method and are fans of it and even use it as part of their overall beauty treatment.

One of the main reasons they use cupping is because cupping promotes the circulation of fresh oxygenated blood which restores energy levels and helps detoxify the body of toxins and stagnated blood. Cupping also promotes the production of collagen which helps rejuvenate the skin. As well as a medical treatment cupping can also be used as part of your regular beauty treatment. Below are a few articles which highlight the celebrity endorsements of cupping therapy and how it can be helpful in your beauty treatment.


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Cupping for beauty and wellbeing

Jennifer Aniston


Clinical Study from The International Society for Complementary Medicine Research

This study was carried out by the International Society of Complimentary Medicine Research in 2010. The purpose of this study was to provide medical evidence on the benefits of cupping therapy for various health ailments.

The conclusion of this study found that cupping does indeed have certain health benefits for various health issues such as herpes, Zoster and other diseases.

Articles 10.1186/1472-6882-10-70

The Beijing University of Chinese medicine

The Beijing University of Chinese medicine carried out a study in 2014 to measure and analyse the effectiveness of cupping in treating and dealing with acute and chronic pain management. The conclusion of the study showed that cupping did provide short term pain relief from acute and chronic back pain and reduced the level of pain intensity significantly in comparison with conventional care and medical treatment. Long term and regular cupping treatment can possibly lead to permanent pain relief for such a condition.



One of the leading authorities on cupping issued a study and compared cupping (hijama) against normal venous bloodletting in terms of effectiveness against various ailments. Cups were placed among a controlled sample of willing participants on various points on their bodies which are often the main areas responsible for various ailments.

The conclusion was that cupping (hijama) was effective on drawing out coagulated blood and promoted the growth of WPC and Neutrophils. The full study can be accessed through this link.

Scientific study hijama blood v venous blood