Building Services Design Consultants

 Create a 3D information model of an object and a set of drawings based on it.


  •  availability of an informational 3D model of the object;
  •  visibility of design decisions;
  •  three-dimensional verification and elimination of spatial inconsistencies between elements
  • building;
  •  elimination of spatial inconsistencies between engineering systems and
  • building structures;
  •  reduce the cost and time of construction;
  •  reduce customer and contractor costs;
  •  precise specifications of materials and equipment;
  •  reducing the time required for passing the expert examination.


  •  KarnoEnergy specialists have certificates from Autodesk (AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max);
  •  We use licensed Autodesk software.

BIM modeling of buildings and structures is presented in a specialized BIM product that offers intelligent design in a familiar and comfortable working environment of a standard platform and allows you to use the full power of information modeling technology without purchasing additional software.

The developers have thought through every step of the workflow to make it as convenient as possible for their users – from developing a conceptual sketch to creating a full-fledged BIM project. And all this – using innovative direct modeling technologies and ensuring high accuracy available when using the format.

Direct 3D modeling

Intuitive design without restrictions. You work like in 3D but faster and more accurately. Change the model by simply dragging and dropping it. Cross-sections and visualizations to provide a better representation of your design. After approval, your building services design consultants model can be transferred to the next stage: there is no need to start all the work again in another program. Your model is ready for BIM development.

Easy transition to the BIM model

The conceptual model is transformed into a full-fledged BIM project. BIM can automatically classify all elements – walls, floors, columns, windows, doors, etc. Add compatible information to the elements and gradually expand the data set. Create the necessary 2D sections and nodes and ensure that they are synchronized with the model. Efficiently manage your materials and composites database. All this is available when using BIM.

Key Features

The ability to coordinate BIM models with other sections of the project – structural models, models of engineering systems. You can import all project geometry directly into BIM. Coordinate geometry and get all the necessary information from intelligent BIM objects.

Working together

Sync geometry and data on your desktop and in the cloud. Manage the access rights of other project participants to the entire project and its individual parts. At the same time, you will always have access to the latest version of the project documentation. Detailed data and metadata can be viewed online in a compatible database, or shared with geometry in a 3D viewer. Use powerful filters to find and view the required items or groups of items. Match your models with models from other sections of the project.


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