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Ever had a headache that never goes away or back pain that stops you from getting on with your day? Have the challenges of modern life left you with a myriad of every day health issues such as fatigue, lack of sleep and low energy levels? Are you an athlete or sports person looking at ways to improve your performance and improve your recovery in a natural, healthy way? Or are you simply looking to detoxify your body and rejuvenate yourself? All these conditions and many more can be treated and managed at the Cupping Clinic.

We offer a range of holistic natural health therapies that are backed by credible research that is known to help improve, if not completely cure these everyday health issues. Modern medicine has its advantages but it is often beneficial to look outside the confines of modern medicine and seek out alternative health therapies where you are not required to ingest pills and other artificial chemicals which have a number of side effects or undergo invasive medical techniques. At the Cupping Clinic we believe that a balanced approach to your health will help maintain a better you.

At the Cupping Clinic we provide a range of health therapies that compliment modern medicine. All our therapies are natural and some of our techniques and methods have been practiced for over a thousand years, but have only recently gained popularity thanks to celebrities and sports personalities trying out these therapies and effectively endorsing them. We understand that people are different, that is why we build a therapy and treatment plan that is unique to you and the rhythm of your body. We take our time in understanding you and what it is you want to achieve.  So if you are looking to improve your health and well-being in a natural way then come on down and see us.


Our Team
  • Abdul Qadir

    Head Practitioner at Leyton

  • Abdul Ghani

    Practitioner at Leyton

At the Cupping Clinic all our practitioners are certified and thoroughly vetted. They have several years of experience in providing health therapies and take their time in getting to know you. They treat your therapy and requirements in a confidential manner and work with you to get you the best possible results.